Owner Background

He starts his career in Agrovet division of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in 1996 as an executive. He establishes his career in Agrovet marketing. Mr. Nashir Uddin, a science graduate, is young, energetic, dynamic and business minded. He stats his own business, leaving the service job, in 2000. Within 8 years, he has established Biswas Agrovet Ltd, Biswas Poultry and Fish Feeds Ltd, Fresh Chicks Limited and Needle Touch Garments Ltd. All of his businesses are good and successfully running. Feed Business Experience of Promoters: All the promoters belong to Biswas Poultry and Fish Feeds Limited which was a joint venture with Bangladesh Bank. They have run the project successfully and have bought back all shares of Bangladesh Bank paying in a single cheque. This industry has been running for the last five years at full capacity. The promoters have also Agrovet business for the last 20 years. It is observed from their CVs that one of them is highly experienced in marketing and another one is highly qualified and experience in poultry and poultry backward linkage industries. Existing Biswas Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd. has a capacity of 24000 MT in two shifts of 8 hours each in a year. But market demand of our feed is monthly 3000 MT. So, we can sale about 36000 MT annually without any further growth of sales. Due to this, existing factory has to run about 22-23 hours and even in holidays. So, new project is essential and it should be in another key demand area. The existing marketing network is sound enough. 15 sales representative and 23 marketing staffs are working in the market.